Monday, December 14, 2009

The 10th Dimension

I really like this presentation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Atkins Diet

is not bad.

Tonight we had steak with sauteed mushrooms (these were literally drowning in butter) with brussel sprouts. This is typical for this diet!

It so weird. This Atkins thing has turned out to be not so different from my regular diet. On this diet I can eat all the bacon I want, all the oven roasted chicken, all the pork chops, and if I want to cover it in cheese that's still ok! I get to eat almonds (smoked of course) and beef jerky as snacks. My drinks all have to be diet, but ever since I started this I haven't really wanted caffeinated drinks. Of course Blaire tries to throw in some greens, which is fine with me.
About the only thing I miss is popcorn and hamburger buns (but if I can wrap a burger, xtra bacon please, in lettuce, then who needs a bun?). Y'know what's also weird? Before the diet I would try to smother things in butter or cheese or cheese&butter but Blaire would give me the 'look' and I would stop. Now she cheers me on, 'Go Piggy Go!', and I lose weight in the process.

Now, I've given some thought to the health effects of living like an all-out carnivore. I expected to feel my arteries sealing themselves shut, but actually I've felt better than I have in a while. Also, I've noticed that I'm not as hungry nor as often. I think the hardest part is feeling bad for Blaire pine away for a piece of cake while I munch on my version of dessert, CHICKEN!

Monday, September 21, 2009

mmmm, BLTs

I love BLTs, but only when they are made my way.
Traditional BLT: Bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoe. Mayo is optional.
My BLT: Bread, bacon, lettuce, roast beef, cheese, avacado, maybe tomatoe, with mayo.

mmmm, BLT.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Man Movies

So I saw this list from somewhere, maybe, that listed the 25 manliest movies of all time. This list was intriguing since there were hardly any modern movies listed ( one James Bond movie and a Die Hard were about the newest there were). This got me thinking about all the movies that were already classics by the time I was a kid and how Blaire and I haven't seen hardly any of them. So now instead of going out to see the current trash being put out we've been renting some oldies, and have been pleasantly surprised that being in the 'classic' genre is no mistake. So far we've seen:
Rooster Cogburn
Magnificent Seven
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
The Dirty Dozen

On my list is:
Manly Men
The Godfather
and others that I haven't yet seen

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chicken or the Egg

I woke up this morning thinking about this. No, I don't know why, but crap like that happens to me all the time. Anyway, I have three answers.
Q: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Answer 1: Chicken

In asking 'what came first' it is implied that one or the other did actually come first. I'll go with that. If one of these did in fact come first, then it would have been the first, and since we've had both chickens and eggs for as long as mankind can remember, it's a safe bet that the first one appeared a LONG time ago. Our environment today isn't really a safe haven for chickens, and I can't see the world being a safer place back when the first egg or chicken appeared.

This question is also kind of saying there was a cosmic, divine, or otherworldly 'tada!' moment eons ago when the first egg/chicken came into being. Otherwise you have to account for evolution which would make this question just stupid, and this is not a stupid question.

So we have a egg/chicken suddenly appearing in a hostile world a long long time ago. If it was the egg, it would have to eventually hatch and mature in order to propogate the species. I'd say it would have had a snowball's chance at surviving. True, the chicken probably wouldn't fare much better, but being 'poofed' into existence already mobile does give it a running chance at success.

Answer 2: Egg

Eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, while chicken is reserved for those later meals. Hence, eggs come first (fried, well-done), then the fried chicken.

Answer 3: Egg

Once again I am taking liberties in decifering the meaning of the original question. 'What came first' assumes they came from somewhere. Coming from someplace implies travel of some sort. Since the question only asks about which one was first, there's no reason to assume they didn't both arrive together, just that one came first.

Now, if there was travel involved, then we can say that due to the awkwardness of chickens in general (till they are cooked anyway), and the aerodynamic shape of the egg, the egg would clearly be able to go faster than the other (assuming they both had the same source of propulsion).

Friday, August 21, 2009

Movie Heroes

Movie heroes. I have a top three list now. It used to be only two, but now there's three.

3. James Bond. Not the old versions. The only thing they were good for were witty (corny, painful, cheesy, etc) comebacks and gratuitous sex. I like the new one played by Daniel Craig. Instead of just being a slick, karate chopper in a business suit, Bond is now a seriously scary guy to have on your trail. He may find a way over, around, under, or over obstacles to get the bad guy, but his preferred method is straight through.

So he's hardcore that way, but he's only in 3rd place because his moral compass is strictly limited to "the ends justify any means". There's simply too much leeway in this for my taste.

2. John McClane. What isn't there to like about John McClane? He's the most indestructable, insanely lucky hero ever created. For him anything lo-tech can and has been used as an intrument of killing, but never without cause. And he hasn't had any special training or anything, he's just a regular cop.

McClane used to be my number one, but he got bumped because his work got in the way of keeping his family together. Ironic considering the cause for nearly all his exploits are in someway connected to someone threatening his wife and/or kids.

1. Ok, try not to make fun of me too much.
Optimus Prime. Unlike the previous two, this guy has a finely tuned sense of right and wrong. He won't kill or even threaten needlessly, doesn't have to be coerced to do what's right, and puts his family and friends above all else. That being said, when a bad guy is around, and this baddie's intentions are far from misunderstood (unless you're a government flunkie), Optimus then won't hesitate to kick some serious keister. Not only will he proceed to kick buttocks, but after the kicking will then rip butt off, stomp on it, and then light it on fire. Ex: In the lastest movie he strangles the main bad guy with the dude's own staff AFTER putting his arm through the baddie's chest. ouch.

Besides Optimus' pension for obliterating the bad guys (he tore a bad guy's face in two for crying out loud), he isn't invincible. He can be killed, but he can also be brought back. Bonus!

Some might say that he's not even human, just a big robot, as if this is a bad thing. Well, that's the only reason I saw the movie in the first place.


ayedunno. This is a word I've found useful on many occasions to avoid unneccessary conversations. I usually use this when I'm tired and don't want to talk. Ex: I was at the airport with Blaire waiting for our plane to board when she asked what time our plane boarded. At the time I was tired, we were already in line to board, and since I couldn't see how answering that question in fullness would change anything I said, 'ayedunno'. I happened to be holding our boarding passes at the time, so she called BS on me, forced a quick explanation, and then sent a sharp slap upside my head.

This brings me to my point: Don't avoid your wife's questions. She'll just slap you.